A day in the life of a narrator

It is with much excitement that Yolanda accepted the role of narrator in the PACOFS production “Gouelokkies en die 3 bere” or Goldilocks and the 3 bears, which is a children’s pantomime to be showcased at the Andre Hugeunet Theatre in a month’s time.

Gouelokkies at PACOFS

The production was commissioned by PACOFS to promote children’s theatre in the Free State and will take to the stage from 16 to 19 March 2016. For tickets you can contact 051 447 7772.

Text: Karen Combrinck
Director: Dion van Niekerk
Music: Stephan Kuhn 
Stage manager: Michael Garbett
Goldilocks: Anika du Toit
Baby Bear: Michelle Hetzel
Momma Bear: Marijda Kamper
Papa Bear: Walter Strydom
Narrator: Yolanda Maartens Brown

For the role of narrator one would think you only need to know your words and tell the story seeing as that is what narrators do traditionally. But this is not a traditional story and not a traditional narrator. The narrator loves books, loves reading and loves getting children excited about stories.

The scene is set from the start when the narrator gets carried away about the importance of paying attention to the story and sitting quietly to listen…..that is until the bears interrupt her and start stealing her lines. So the madness unfolds with Goldilocks challenging the narrator to a game of charades and musical chairs.

Does the narrator accept the challenges? Does she let go of her rules and give in to having fun? Does she leave her cosy reading corner and actually step onto the stage?

Bring your kids to find out.