The South African Music Outreach Project voice-over

The online video of the South African Music Outreach Project went live today with much excitement from everyone involved. Yolanda Maartens did the voice-over for Matchframe Media. It was recorded at the North-West University Artema studios a few years ago.


To date the South African Music Outreach Project has used music to positively affect hundreds of disadvantaged children across South Africa. The majority of whom have been affected by poverty, crime, drugs, prostitution, gangs and lack of parental support. 

Many of these students have shown increased levels of optimism, self-esteem and a greater belief in their self-worth and capabilities due to participation in music. 

The project is based on the premise that music has the power to change lives.

SA outreach

The project was founded by Dr Karendra Devroop. To support this project contact